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A Comprehensive treatment against cockroaches, red/black ants and silverfish.


Cockroaches are the most dominated among all household pests found all over the world. They cause nuisance by their presence and also act as a carrier of various serious diseases causing pathogens like Gastroenteritis, Cholera etc. Cockroaches arc nocturnal in habit and remain inactive during daytime. Cockroaches are omnivorous and feed on any vegetable/animal substance. Most common species of cockroaches observed in India are as follows :

German Cockroaches are Fully grown adults measure 18-20 inches in length. They are normally found in kitchen, Hides in cracks and crevices.

American Cockroaches are Fully grown adults measures 35-40mm in length. They are normally found in hot and humid places especially in manholes, bookbinding and clothing material.

Brown Banded Cockroaches are smaller in size about 1/2' inch in length. Their Habitat is same as that of German cockroaches. Adults may fly when disturbed.

Oriental cockroach are most often found in dark basement or cellars, but can climb garbage shutes, sewer and water pipes to the upper floors in high rise.

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