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Termite Control Pre & Post

Gurgaon is one of very highly Termite infested locations. The destruction work by termites begins exponentially from the onset of spring onwards. But even during winters, the termites eat non-stop. Practically termites eat 24×7, 365 days. Hence we feel that we should remind property owners to take proactive measures to prevent costly repairs of their homes. This could include damage to non-structural and structural components of homes & buildings. Hence, preventive termite control in Gurgaon is not a choice, but a necessity.

Termites can inflict serious structural damages in a fairly short period of time. Hence they are called “Silent destroyers”, because of their ability to chew unnoticed through wood, flooring, drywall, foam, plastics and even lead (thin sheets). Termites build their nests inside walls and can cause damage for years before we notice it. By the time we notice it, the damage has already been done.

After spring, as the ground warms, termite populations emerge in search of mates and new structures to invade. If termite infestation goes untreated, a home can suffer significant damage. In that case the termite control process would be a curative one rather than a preventive one. Each year, termites cause property damage amounting to crores of rupees. Doesn’t this sound scary ? Does this mean that termite control in Gurgaon is hell of a task ? Not really, if you take some preventive steps.

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